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Madhubala Episode 465 Update on Friday 1st March 2019

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Part 1
Bittuji and everyone move out of the RK Mansion suspecting the bouquet to be a bomb. Everyone goes out and stands on the footpath while the bomb squad arrives. KRK watches them from behind a tree. After a while, the Cops declare that the bouquet is not a bomb and it is safe. They give a letter to RK which is from Pai. It says,

You have done 3 films with me…but the way you behaved yesterday took me by surprise. The entire media is covering the news of your nautanki and with this bouquet I just hope you get well soon,

RK is confused and says how can this be possible. He didn’t even meet Paiji. He asks Bittuji what is the matter. Bittuji says that he is very sure that the duplicate is behind all this drama. Sikki says that whatever the guy is, he is a very good actor. He easily fooled everyone.

KRK clicks pictures of RK and his family standing on the footpath.
They move inside the Mansion and see the footage where the duplicate is acting like a jerk and dancing madly to the beats of the band. The reporter says that not only did RK danced in a weird manner near the band-waalas, but went to the RK Studios in a taxi. Not only this, RK who is always seen with alchohol, 
was seen gorging on milk-shake at a restaurant. Sikki fumes that there was no mention of him being present with RK. RK asks Madhu to summon all the servants. Since he was able to get into the Mansion, someone must be helping him. Madhu says that all are loyal and they must have mistaken just the way she and the family was. They should not suspect innocent servants. Sikki continues his rants of not being mentioned in the news. RK says that what should he do, this man is posing a threat to him, his career and his family and he cannot sit idle. RK says that he will meet Madhu at the bank after completing some patch-work for his film.

RK asks Bittuji to release a statement in the Press, informing them of the existence of the duplicate and his behavior and body-language. Someone will definitely recognize the duplicate. RK and Bittuji go to the Police Station and report the existence of a duplicate. The inspector takes them to recognize a few suspects. Meanwhile, one of the hawaldar’ of the Station tampers with his cell-phone. Sikki remains unaware of this fact. RK comes and takes his phone and goes away.

Madhu is waiting for RK in the Bank. She calls RK to know of his whereabouts and he says that he doesn’t like to make anyone wait…especially when that anyone happens to be his beautiful wife. He says “5…4…3…2…1” and then KRK appears before her. They both sit before Mr. Murthi and RK says that he must be aware of his duplicate by now. He says that before transaction, he should make sure that I am the real RK. Mr. Murthi says that it seems RK is in a jovial mood today. KRK smirks and signs the papers. He asks Murthi to check if these are the correct signatures. They take the money and leave.

When they reach back the RK Mansion, the security at the reception tells them that one man just like RK is already there inside the mansion. KRK fumes and asks Bittuji that he won’t leave the duplicate today.
Inside the RK Mansion, the security drag RK from their room. He keeps shouting that he is the original RK and the one with Madhu is the duplicate. Madhu doesn’t believe RK and stays with KRK. KRK says that he is trying to befool his family. 
He is the original one and RK is the duplicate. RK asks Madhu to come close to him. She knows who is the real RK. Madhu hesitates. RK asks Madhu to call on RK’s number. His phone is in his pocket. The truth is revealed but KRK swiftly escapes taking away the money.

Madhu, RK and Bittuji are confused as to how did Madhu’s call went to KRK when all the time, RK’s phone was with himself. RK’s phone rings and KRK says that it is me RK Bhaiyya., your duplicate. RK fumes. He says that he should come face-to-face, then RK will teach him a lesson. KRK says that he wants to hug RK and he will do that definitely next time. RK says come again, he will kill him next time. 
KRK says that why is he fooling himself, he was there in front of him…but he could do nothing. RK says that he should know who is the hero and who the villain. KRK says that don’t worry…the 9 to 12 shift was for RK…and 12 to 3 was his…but he is tired now. Because he has a tight schedule tomorrow. 
RK says that you should know that the first step is already done by the villain but at the end, it is the Hero who triumphs. KRK says but this is not a film, this is real life. He asks RK to go to sleep but then chides him saying that how could he sleep, his mind must be racing hard trying to realize how did I do it.
Part 2
KRK says that there is something called “Call Divert…Call Forward Facility” in the phones. He just did that, he diverted his calls to his phone. Now RK’s next question would be, how did the second call went back to his phone. That is because by then, KRK had already removed the facility. He should be relieved that the second call went to RK because if it hadn’t happened, he would have been beaten in his own house, by his own people…thinking as the duplicate.

RK says that he will figure him out anyhow. KRK says how? By searching the number to which the call was diverted. Well it will take him to Vegetables. He had to steal a phone from a Vegetable Shop. RK says that he should stop the stealing and tell me what does he want. KRK says “Hazaaron Khwahishen Aisi…Har Khwahish Pe Dum Nikle” He says that he has many wishes but for the minimum, he wants the climax of his film…RK out and KRK in. You be the Zero and me the Hero.
RK says that have you ever seen a duplicate win? KRK says that this is real life. KRK says that he will see him tomorrow again and cuts the call.
Precap: Bhujang hugs KRK and says that today you’ve made me proud. He caresses the money when KRK shuts the brief-case and says that in this game of real-duplicate, you’ve become confused. I am the real RK and I’ve brought Cops as well. Bhujang is shocked.

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