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Meri Aashiqui Episode 201--204 Update on Tuesday 5th February 2019

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In the court during the hearing of Ranveer’s case, RV asks the assistant where Shekhar is, the assistant says he would be coming. RV says before the judge he must be here, everyone tries his number. The prosecution lawyers talk about Shekhar Mehra’s late arrival, some people also talked about Shekhar Mehra being a tiger and that he has come to meet him. The announcement of judge’s arrival is made, everyone stands up while the judge takes his seat. The case of Ranveer vs State of Maharashter is presented to the judge by the reader. The judge says to Ranveer that he has got a lot of success in a short time. The prosecutor says that his is accused of doing fraud in share prices. Ranveer stands and says he has earned everything with his hardwork, he was an ordinary man and knows the hardships of ordinary people. The judge says he must also know about the innocence of an ordinary man. A bearded man coughs from behind, he was in a suspected get up and leaves a bag on seat. The judge asks the security to catch him, asking what is in the bag and that he can be a terrorist. Ranveer watches the man struggling from the security, he gets himself rid of them and says those having a sharp eye on the criminals were themselves mistaken. He removes his clothings and aritificial beard and moustache, and introduces himself to judge as RV’s defence lawyer and says to him that looks can be deceptive. My name is Shekhar Mehra and I am not a terrorist. RV and Shekhar’s assistant is moved looking at him. The assistant claps, then apologizes to the judge. Shekhar says he wants to tell him that he is biased to his client saying he isn’t an ordinary man. The judge says how dare he, he is accusing him. Shekhar says he saw that he gave the verdict before the beginning of the case, he may file a case against judge that he was calling RV a fraud; this will turn the tides to him. He asks RV that he may file a case against the judge, he will fight it free of cost and will win it also. His phone bell rings, his assistant notifies it to him. Shekhar asks his assistant who takes the permission to go and attend the call. The judge asks the case to begin. The judge gives his verdict saying RV has chosen a very smart lawyer, who knows the nicks of laws and to present the truth in a well manner. He tells RV he is winning the case because of him, the proofs say RV is innocent. The case is closed. Shekhar’s phone rings again, he leaves the court to take it. He was talking to someone, saying he wants to spend all his money with him; he was in case. RV comes out to him, Shekhar hangs out and says to RV she has gone after him. He tells RV that he only needs two things in life, money and girl. When one has money, the mind works.
RV says that he can’t get any better. Shekhar says what will I do after getting better. He has won his case without getting better, else he should have gone to jail. RV says he wasn’t afraid of going to jail, there is a time when a man wants everything in life and then there is a time when nothing matters. A prisoner’s van arrive in which Ishaani is brought. The lady inspector tells Ishaani that today is her last chance, he is the judge who gave her first verdict; if today she tells him the truth he will chance his decision. She asks Ishaani if she understands, Ishaani nods in a lost way. They take Ishaani towards the court.
Shekhar asks RV to see life with his eye for once. He spots at a girl coming out of a car saying he saved her number as Peechay Paro. Shekhar tells him she is the daughter of the judge who was judging his case. RV says if he knows about it, his 100 percent winning record will go down. Shekhar says Ritika told him that he is very unromantic. RV says I don’t believe in love. Ishaani passes by them from behind. Shekhar says his face is lying, RV says he will leave.
The judge asks Ishaani that she hadn’t said anything in her defence the last time, and this is her last chance if she wants to defend herself. Ishaani was silent, the lady inspector was worried. The lawyer asks Ishaani to say something, Ishaani says she doesn’t have to say anything. She says to judge that she wants to ask the court where her death penalty will be given. The judge asks Ishaani isn’t she regretting killing her lover. Ishaani firmly says no. The judge announces that the court orders to hang Ishaani Parekh on 25th March 2015. RV turns back thinking he must have left his phone in the court room.
The pen is broken at the order paper by the judge.
RV enters the court room, and goes to the bench but stops looking into the box. The lady there was not Ishaani. The inspector appreciates his senior one that it is good they brought her from the back door, as there is media in the front door due to some VIP case. RV talks to Amba who congratulate him and asks him to go to Ritika in the hospital as she has gone for sonography. RV senses Ishaani, hangs up and goes looking for her. Ishaani turns at the gate of van to look around, RV passes her but the prison van’s door is closed before they could see each other. Infact, he moves to give the van way and stands astonished.
Shekhar flirted with the judge’s daughter, he says he wants her to meet his mom. He asks if she likes this all, he won’t say this all because this is all filmy. He will only ask her for coffee, she says they must have coffee together. She forbids him for calling her babe and darling, her dad has forbidden her to meet him as he thinks he is the biggest liar. He says there is just one alphabet’s difference in liar and lawyer. She says she can’t go against her dad. He shift his seat and sits on her bench and says she must do what her dad dislikes, he thinks he is the only hero in her life and if he is denying one person’s meeting, he thinks him to be a hero too. He asks what if he takes permission from her dad, and takes a selfie with her.
The doctor shows Ranveer and Ritika their baby’s heart beat. Ranveer says for a man, two people are the most important. One who takes his first breath nearest to you, and the second can be anyone. His phone rings, it was a man from jail authority telling him that the date of hanging of his ex-wife has come. She will be hanged on 25th march. He drops his phone.
PRECAP: RV sits there on the floor and cries badly. Ritika comes to him, picks up the phone and hears the man repeat that the date of his ex-wife’s hanging is 25th March 21, 2015.
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RV drops his phone as he hears the jail incharge telling him that the hanging date of his ex-wife has been preponed and she will be hanged on 25th of March. Ritika gets up and comes to him, as RV drops on the floor in grief. He cries hard, Ritika approach Ranveer, watches him there and asks what happened. She picks the phone up, she hears the jail incharge repeating that the hanging date of his ex-wife is 25th March. She consoles RV who was crying badly. He wipes his tears, the doctor comes to Ritika and asks why is RV so sad. Ritika says he is sad because someone is about to leave the world. Ranveer runs out, stops a taxi and comes to jail asking for Ishaani Vaghela.
The lady inspector says there is no criminal of that name, the lady asks he is talking about Ishaani Parekh. He gets it right and says he wants to meet her. The lady inspector tells him Ishaani only meets the one she wants to meet. RV makes a call and asks for a favour that he has come to Punia jail and wants to meet someone. The lady inspector stands up on the call, and takes RV along. He was restless as he moves through the jail and watched the miserable conditions of women there. The lady inspector opens the door, RV clses his eyes as he moves towards the jail. He asks where is Ishaani, as it is her cell. The lady inspector says some formalities were left of her, some medical checkups and so, she won’t be back until three days. He asks if he can meet her there, the lady inspector says he can’t and can’t get an approach of that jail even. RV asks to go inside for sometime, he touches the walls, watches the rug and the pillow. There was a calendar on which dates had been cancelled by Ishaani, he reads it for some time. The lady inspector asks him to go, he places the calendar there and leaves the cell, going lost in his thoughts. The lady inspector asks if he knows the man Ishaani loves, she says no one puts her life in fire for someone. RV comes back to her running, and asks whom is she talking about, for whom Ishaani did this. The lady inspector says for the one she loves Chiraag Mehta, she couldn’t forget him even after marriage. She killed him for love, and says she would go back to him after death. RV says love kills anyone. The lady inspector says in love one wants to live, not die. She asks RV if he loved someone, RV say yes, for one and the last time. RV goes back lost in his thought, he thinks that he came to say good bye to her for the last time. He wanted to tell Ishaani that when love is two sided, a lifetime is enough to fulfil it but when it is one sided, a single life time is smaller to get it or forget it. His love remained one sided, his Ishaani might not live but his aashqui will remain so.
Ishaani stood on one side, the lady inspector comes to her and asks why she let him hate her so much. Ishaani asks how he looked. The lady inspector says he was in more pain than her, from her death’s news. Ishaani asks did she tell him she loves Chiraag. The lady inspector asks she told him her opinion, did she ask him. He loves her so much, it is visible in his eyes. Why she didn’t allow him to see her for one last time. Ishaani says with her memories he couldn’t have live, her hatred will let him live with someone else. The lady inspector says she hopes they both could live together. Ishaani says he will live happy with anyone, he is lucky to know his aashqui is only because of her and she is unlucky in that she can’t tell him that her aasqui is also with him only.
Ritika comes into her room, changed. She watches RV come inside and sits on the bed restlessly. She comes to him, he says everything has finished Ritika. She is going, Ishaani is going, she was away but now she will leave the world.
The judge questions the lady inspector, Shekhar stands on the door frustrated that he will keep him waiting. The lady inspector tells him the whole story, the judge says he also wanted this but she herself wanted the punishment. The lady inspector says she is saving someone else, how can they see that innocent get punished. She leaves the office on judge’s nod. Shekhar says he wants to talk to him, the judge wasn’t ready to hear to him. Shekhar asks clearly that he wants to go to date with his daughter, Shekhar says they have fought so many cases today. If he denies, he will convince his daughter to go against him and get a date with him. He takes a seat for himself, the judge says he will send her with his permission. Shekhar heads to leave, the judge says there is a condition. He tells Shekhar that he wants a girl out of jail, Ishaani Parekh. He tells Shekhar that he gave a wrong verdict in her case, she will be hanged in two days. He must do anything but get that verdict changed in her favour.

PRECAP: RV gets Ritika’s call, she was crying and tells him to come home as the baby isn’t moving for quite much time. He promises to come and turns the car, though he was going to meet Ishaani.
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The judge says to Shekhar Mehta that he has to save that girl from hanging. Shekhar accepts that challenge. The judge says he won’t get anything for it, Shekhar says he is getting his daughter and that is what he wants. The judge hands him the file.
Ranveer says to Ritika that she will be hanged, she didn’t love him but he always did. She lied but his feelings were true. He can’t leave her sides, he tried every lawyer to save her but she… He gets up saying sorry to her, seeing her upset. She says she has to be sorry because he is in this situation because of him. She says he adopted her six months ago, they both are friends that are living together with two different problems. She says Ishaani is lucky to have him as a lover, but stupid that she couldn’t understand love. She holds his face saying he won’t cry any further. She feels pain in her stomach, he makes her sit there. She says the baby kicked her, he says excitedly that our child… then stops and says her child is going to come to the world. She says six months ago, this child was hers but she got so much love here that now she can say this is their child.
Shekhar comes and meets the daughter of judge, hugging her he says he will have to work for two days and then they will meet on date. She goes inside to meet dad. Shekhar calls Ishaani Parekh, and it begins to rain.
Sharman brings the family to a house, Baa wasn’t ready to come in. Baa asks where has she brought them, this house is like a hen’s cage. Falguni asks her to forget that house. Baa says she will call that place her house always, her son made that. They curse Falguni and her daughter for all their problems. Chaitali says she can’t as well live here. Falguni says they can’t afford anything else, and this is their life’s reality. Baa says had Ishaani taken divorce they would have been in better condition. Falguni says she won’t side her daughter, but she was innocent but Baa herself used to break Ishaani’s marriage with Ranveer. Sharman stops Baa and Falguni saying he is still alive to look for a job and leaves. Falguni thinks she will have to find some other place to live soon.
The lady inspector steals looks from Shekhar, as he was in jail. He says she was there in judge’s room yesterday, and asks to meet Ishaani Parekh. The lady inspector says that Ishaani doesn’t want to win the case, Shekhar says she wouldn’t have met a lawyer like him. The lady inspector says she doesn’t want to live, Shekhar says he won’t leave without meeting her. The inspector takes him to Ishaani. Shekhar calls from behind the bars, hello what’s up, how are you doing. Ishaani asks who. Shekhar says he has come to save her, she may say thanks with coffee later. He asks what she did, if she be truthful he can win her case in a day and he has a record of 100%. She tells him that he must know she has been convicted to death. He says death and life is in God’s hands, he hands her his business card. He asks she wants to die for someone else, if she wants to see him happy she must let him love and live herself as well. He says she isn’t a freedom fighter, people forgive her in two days, one must do something in life that makes is remembered. He asks why she killed her lover, why she wants to die, did she ever understand love. Ishaani says love gives you a new life and for that life you have to die once. Shekhar cheers what a dialogue, and asks to record it for once to be used on girls. He says if she really believes in love, why angry with love; why die. She says her life taught her to die and what problem he has when she herself wants to die; she doesn’t need a defence lawyer and asks the lady inspector to take him as she doesn’t want to speak to anyone. Shekhar turns to see lady inspector going away, he follows her. Ishaani says, when alone, she hasn’t forgotten living but she can’t see a scratch on her love. It was her because of whom RV and Chiraag developed enemity, because of her he died in fight, she can’t bear Ranveer suffer anything because of Chiraag; this is why she has forgotten life and this is why she is giving on his life.
Falguni meets Nitin in a market, he watches jewellery in her hand and asks how will she live like this selling her jewellery. She says she will do it till she is able to support her family. After her husband it is her duty, she is trying to keep everyone under one roof. He says this isn’t the way to run a house, she says she should also do a job. He says this way all her jewellery will end, she asks if he has another thing in mind. He asks her to move to his home as he lives alone.
Shekhar repeats the dialogue to judge’s daughter. She calls him romantic and asks if he can fulfil her papa’s challenge. He murmurs she is tough to handle. He hangs up and says he will only be able to win if she let him fight this case.
PRECAP: Ritika calls RV while he was driving. She was crying and says the baby isn’t moving, so he must come home. He promises to come back, while he was going to see Ishaani before hanging.
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Nitin offers Falguni to shift at his place, his house is a bit small but she and her family can stay there. He says this will save her from paying at hotel. Falguni asks your house, with what right or relation. He says when there is no relation, even then there is humanity. She says when last time he left her, she survived; she will do it this time too. He says last time Harshid Parekh supported her, she asks does he want to do that this time. She denies saying whatever he do, he can never compare himself to him. Nitin says he doesn’t want to compare himself to him but he just want to improve his mistakes. He won’t owe anything upon her but wants to help her; he is somewhere responsible for what Ishaani has done, it is his sins she has to pay for. He can try atleast to let the time repeat itself. He tries to convince her, he says he used to rent a room that he will use now, it has a separate entrance; she can tell her family that it had low rents and even when she has money she may pay him some rent as well.
RV was working on tredmil, thinking about Ishaani’s hanging. Shekhar calls he could go to Timbuktu at this rate, he says he came to discuss with Ritika his case’s problem but she has gone shopping with his mom. He watches Ranveer’s speed and asks if he is angry. Shekhar says his angry young man’s look doesn’t suit him, he speaks more from his eyes than mouth. He knows him for last one month, still can’t know him. He gets frustrated with this. RV asks if he is frustrated with him, Shekhar says no but with that girl. RV asks is it Peechay Paro (the one to go after) or Peecha Churao (the one to get rid of). Shekhar says none of them, there is a stubborn client, there is a free case that he has to win, else that judge won’t let him date his daughter. RV tells him to swear her her love. He leaves saying he must save her because he knows what is the importance of losing some beloved.
The family move to Nitin’s house, Falguni says it is worth living. She tells them that it is Ranveer’s PA, Mr. Nitin Joshi’s house. Chaitali was frustrated by this all, and says to Sharman that he and Ishaani make mistakes and they have to pay for them.
Shekhar was sitting behind a pile of files and books, frustrated that no one can win a case when the accused says he is the murderer. His assistant brings a file with full history of Ishaani, the paper cutting with her and Ranveer’s photo fell down under his chair. He reads some paper cuttings and say he wasn’t able to change her determination, but in these forty hours he will for sure change her luck.
Ishaani pours water from bucker over herself, thinking about herself and Ranveer. The lady inspector comes to her, she was crying. Ishaani says she is forgetting something. The lady says how can she forget an innocent is being hanged. The lady inspector asks her about her last wish. Ishaani stares at her for a while. The lady inspector asks if she wants to say something to someone, or meet someone, she wants to say something to someone; she has a full right to this. Ishaani asks to see today’s newspaper. The lady inspector nods and leaves.
RV was driving in a hurry, he says hanging was at five o clock and it is two now, he will reach.
The lady inspector brings Ishaani the newspaper, Ishaani opens it hurriedly, watches RV getting the award with his picture. She smiles, and says she knew that today’s newspaper had to be his photo. He is a big man, has earned everything with his hard work. She says she hasn’t seen someone hardworking than him, she wanted to see his picture in her last time and wanted to take his picture together. She asks the lady inspector to go, she is ready. She watches Ranveer’s photo again, keeps the newspaper in a side and walks slowly. The newspaper behind her fell in water on floor, she wipes it with her pallu saying she won’t let him happen anything. She is doing it all for him, nothing can happen to him because of Chiraag. Chiraag was her mistake, she would pay for him. She is going to die in a while, but he must take care of himself. She cries hard.
In the car, RV gets Ritika’s call, Ritika was crying and asks where he is. She asks him to come home soon, she doesn’t feel alright. He asks what happened. She says her baby isn’t moving. He tells her to relax, and call maa or Parul. She says everyone is in Pooja. He says he will call them, she must call Mala or doctor. She cries and asks him to come, he says he is coming.
Ishaani keeps the newspaper stacked onto a stool.
RV holds Ritika’s hand, the doctor announces that the baby is alright. It is normal as the baby sometimes move and sometimes not. Amba thanks God, and makes RV sit on bed. RV watches time, Ritika asks him to go as he is getting late. She says she is sorry that she called, but he must be in Poneer; he will reach there in 2 or 2.5 hours.
RV tries Puneer’s number while Ishaani is taken to hanging cell. Her handcuffs were removed and she was moved to the rope. Her hand tied behind her, head covered with black sac.

PRECAP: RV was devastated. He cries badly sitting on the floor behind the police station. 

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