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Sightless Love Episode 70 Update on Monday 25th February 2019

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Erick tells Alberto that Yolanda invited him to the party of her neighbor and Alberto tells him that he wants to go with him but Erick tells him that he should not go, because marina will come there for sure and Yolanda is going to get upset thinking that he invited him. 

According to Toribio, the medicine prescribed to him by Lucrecia looks really expensive and showing it to Marina, she still thinks they have to buy it if that medicine will really help him recover and overcome his nightmares. Marina then invites Bazan to the birthday party of Ana and he will be glad to be at the party with his mother.

Prudencia tells Luis that everything is almost ready for the christening or baptism of their grandson and it will take place at the tenement house and Luis does not like the idea that an Ocaranza will be christening at that low-class house and Prudencia tells him that he has indeed taken a major step by apologizing to Marina, but it doesn’t mean that he can interfere in marina’s affairs. She again says it will be only after the registering of the child’s name that they can do the baptism.

Susana tells Luis that if he keeps on visiting marina’s son, he will end up falling for the child and the mother and he will end up bringing them to live with him because Marina is acting in a camouflage way by not accepting anything from him but using the child now to let him draw closer to him so that with that alone, she can acquire most his property but Luis thinks that her statements are false because Marina not asking for anything till date proves that she wants nothing from him but Susana thinks that if he doesn’t play smart, by the time he realizes, he will be accepting that child and his mum into his house to stay with them. All this while, Angustias was eavesdropping.

Angustias advises Prudencia that if she wants her relationship with her husband and daughter to improve, she must ask Susana to leave her house right that minute because she was scheming against marina and that will certainly not go in their favor at all. 

Paulino and his family and loved ones celebrates Ana’s birthday for her at the bar and she becomes so happy and Quickly, there arrives Alberto and later Erick arrives to ask him to leave so Marina and the others will never think worse of him that he invited him over after he had the opportunity to be invited by Yolanda and Marina sees him but Doctor Bazan asks them to ignore him. Yolanda then goes to ask Alberto to leave. Same vein, someone sneaks to the pharmacy shop to steal some medicine and the CCTV Camera’s capture the person but not the face. Later it turns out that it was Lucrecia who stole it as she brought it to her office. 

Susana goes to see Luis trying to tempt him and convincing him to come to her room that night after Prudencia and everyone goes to bed but Luis answers and reminds her that, that house belongs to his wife and therefore it’s also a sacred place for him.

Prudencia tells Susana that she and her husband need to get acquainted again as a couple, so it would be good if she looks for a place to live. 

Susana tearfully goes to tell Luis that Prudencia virtually asked her to get out of her house but he should her by telling his wife that she won’t be leaving but Luis replies that it is not a bad idea, so she needs to start packing and go to the apartment he rented for their encounter or she better still she can choose to buy herself a house of her taste and Susana tells him that she invested her entire fixed-rate portfolio in the belief that he would never separate her from his side and Luis tells her that he isn’t pushing her far away from him, but Angustias watches them all the time. 

Ana boldly proposes to Paulino and he becomes so much happy that he also asks her to be his girlfriend and it becomes a moment of share happiness. Paulino then announces their engagement to the whole family and those at the bar and they become so much happy for them and congratulate them.

Prudencia tells Marina that Luis offered to give them a lawyer to speed up the process for her son’s name registration and Marina is ready to do it the next day. Marina don’t think they should involve a lawyer but Prudencia says she doesn’t want any mistake to occur in the name as she had with her married certificate and also now that she is getting to know how to read with her eyes, they will still need a lawyer with those legal documents with Paulino and Prudencia being her witnesses.

The next morning, Erick becomes so worried after he realize that a very expensive medication has gone missing at the store room and he goes so desperate.

Alberto goes to see Marina to tell her that, he thinks its hard time he renounces his surname so that she can becomes an Ocaranza for real but Marina never allowed him to even finish his statement and says that she needs no favor from him and also her agreeing to let Luis see and visit his son doesn’t mean that she will accept him as her father. Alberto then tells Marina that sometimes it’s better for a person to let go his or her ego and think of what is best for herself and her son. Marina says he is right it is her son.

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