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Till The End of Time Episode 139 Update on Friday 22nd February 2019

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Arjun sees Saanjh and walks towards her, but seeing Maya ignores her and hugs Maya, says she came back, let us go somewhere else. He then asks Saanjh if she came. Maya comments some people are so shameless to come back repeatedly. Arjun says Saanjh that maa was calling her repeatedly and wants to with her. Saanjh says why should she take a neighbor home, it is son and daughter-in-law’s responsibility. Maya gets a call and excuses herself. Arjun tells Saanjh that she knows he cannot keep Maya and maa together. She asks if he is so afraid of his wife. Arjun starts arguing that she changed. Saanjh says sometimes we have to, why should she take neighbor home. Maya brings Vandana on wheelchair and says Saanjh told right for the first time, they will take maa homeand tells Vandana let us go. Vandana
shivers in fear and pleads Saanjh to take her along. Saanjh says she has promised Samay that she will change and does not want to take neighbor’s responsibilities. Vandana starts crying and Saanjh leaves. Maya tells Vandana that she will take good care of her.
Maya takes Vandana home and tells Arjun that she will take maa to her room, he need not worry and he can go to office. Arjun leaves. Maya then tells Vandana that she will take good care of her and reminds she came here first time with Arjun’s kundali and Arjun bribed pandit to lie. She says she was in Arjun’s fate and Vandana could not do anything. She takes her to Jahnvi’s room and tells she brought another mom, what to call them now, calls different names and says she is Jahnvi maa and she is Vandana maa. She continues and tells Jahnvi that she wanted to bring dog for her entertainment, but brought Vandana maa instead. She continues her baseless talks and tells Vandana that she need not worry, what if her one son is in jail, another son is free. She wipes Vandana’s sweat and says she is sweating in AC. She takes Vandana out saying let Jahnvi maa rest.
Saanjh hugs Suman and cries that she could not bring Vandana aunty home and let her with Maya. Suman says Vandana needs her prayers now and not sympathy.
Maya takes Vandana to another room and orders her to get up from wheelchair. Vadana gets up. Maya says she likes her when she obeys order. She says she will not find any problems here and even if she finds, she should accept it as learning. She continues her blabbering and frightening Vandana and goes out.
Vandana gets a call and she picks it. Saanjh speaks on the other side. Vandana says nobody doubted her here. Saanjh says even here and says she has to fight for her both children’s lives from Maya. Vandana says she is strong now and any schizophrenic/Maya cannot harm her.
Precap: Maya takes Vandana to her secret room and nobody can escape from her, she can see her anytime they way she likes. Saanjh prays god that Maya will try to mentally torture Vandana and Vandana should be strong.

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