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Tomorrow is a New Day Episode 44 Update on Monday 18th February 2019

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Camilo is ready to hear from Monica the so-called urgent call he received from her stating that she wants to discuss something with him. Monica refused to say anything so to protect Rafael as he’s asked her to not tell Camilo and says she’s solved the problem. Camilo then is sure that Media link’s problem is over after Pablo’s and they wouldn’t experience any again and Monica becomes anxious. 

Everyone in the company seem to like the idea of Camilo accepting that Pablo’s environmental project idea to save the land and protect their citizens and how he (Pablo) will want them to go about it but it looks like Mauricio sees it as a negative one as usual of him; enemy of progress. 

Margarita calls Manuel to inform him that she received the invitation letter of Barbie for her wedding and wants it that the two of them go together as a couple but Manuel tells her that he already told Regina that they are separated and he’s sure that Regina already told her parents about it and Manuel says to him that she can see that he is not thinking and has no brain in his head and Manuel seeing how the conversation was going just hanged up. 

Margarita then goes to see Regina at her school and she tells her that her problems with Manuel will be settle, but that she doesn’t want that she takes her (Margarita) baby away from her and just when she was about throwing a tantrum, Pablo arrives there to see Regina to invite her to have an ice cream and Margarita tells them that she’ll go with them but Regina tells her she and Pablo have many things to talk about and that it would be better if only the two of them go. 

After Margarito left, Pablo tells Regina that she almost killed him with her gaze and he hopes that Regina doesn’t give her baby to her because the better place for the baby are her arms and not anyone and Regina cries. 

The attorney who helped Madam Eugenia and her husband to go through the adoption process to adopt Diana and Laura explains to Diana that Eugenia was happy to adopt her up but she didn’t want to adopt Laura because she thought she was enough for them but that her husband convinced her to since he never wanted her to grow up alone and Diana says she now understands why her mum treated them differently all because his father forced her mum to adopt Laura and it was for that reason she wanted to take revenge on her (Laura) by treating her bad. 

The D-day for the wedding is arrives and all of the family wish Barbie a happy marriage and hopes that she and her husband will live happily after and Barbie hopes so too. Same vein, Mauricio calls Ximena to tells her that he misses her more than ever and she asks him if he has no shame but he tells her that he will see her after he comes back from his honey moon and Ximena tells him to forget it because she’ll never see him again since it’s one thing for him to be a single person and a married man now and she can’t have anything to do with a married person. After hanging up, Mauricio soliloquy to himself that; it feels bored to marry to Barbie but for the sake of money and Media link he will do it. 

Diana advises her mother to do everything and reconcile with Laura and Eugenia answers that is what she wishes the most and she hopes that Laura gives her another opportunity. 

Mauricio and Barbara have their church wedding and Monica disguises himself by dressing as a nun and she joins them and climbing upstairs with them to witness the officiating, Monica then sings to add a touchup to the wedding and everyone was moved by the voice and the music and Camilo quickly figured out that the voice is Monica’s. the wedding is now over and everyone congratulate the newly couples and Mauricio is welcomes by the Sarmiento family.

A guest congratulates Diana for the beautiful family she has and that she and Camilo look very much in love. Diana and Camilo kiss and Almudena jealous looks at them. 

At the refreshment, After Pablo came to pull Regina away from Margarito, she becomes much affected that she goes to see and asks Chabela if she knows what Pablo’s intentions are with Regina and Chabela answers that she doesn’t but all she knows is that they make a nice couple that they make a nice couple.

Monica again disguises and dresses as a waitress at the reception but unfortunately for her, Nico sees her and speaks with her and she bids him bye and asks him to not tell anyone she was there but Nico informed his dad and asks him to come with him to see Monica.

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