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Who Killed Libia Episode 109 Update on Saturday 2nd February 2019

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Rigo is being discharged from the hospital, John assists Nora in attending to the people in the village by giving them medication and putting up with the fetish priest and the MP as well. Sofia and Sarah operate their businesswith the help of Eva, while they hope to find the baby someday and life goes on for each and everyone as the days goes by.

Oscar finally arrives back home and as soon as Franco hears that his brother is back in town, he quickly rushes with Tina, Pablo and Eva to meet and hear the good news he has brought but their expectation suddenly goes down and turn into tears as Oscar shook his head when he was being asked several times if he found John and the baby.

Sofia desperately runs to the town square after hearing Oscar has arrived and she excitedly asks if he has brought her baby but sadly, he replies that he didn’t find neither John nor the baby and all hope seems to be lost to Sofia as she wails uncontrollably, getting everyone present in tears. Meanwhile, Fernando and Gabriela happily hold their marriage in court and enjoy their honey moon after being declared as husband and wife.

Sofia walks all alone at midnight whiles crying for her baby’s whereabout and unexpectedly, she comes across a gentleman on a horse but she happens to escape as the gentleman makes an attempt to draw nearer to her and he finds it quite strange.

Nora tries to force herself to make love to John but he stops her and tells her to relax till he gets a clue of who he is and also, it might even be that he has a woman in his life somewhere and she asks what if he never regain his memory and he explains that if that should happen, then they can go on and be in a relationship just as she wants.

The next day, Sofia sits silently her room and begins to think about the gentleman she came across the previous night and she asks herself whom he could be because he looked quite strange to her and happens not to come from their town. In the same vein, the gentleman also sits at home and begin to wonder if the lady she saw during the night was indeed a human or some sort of spirit since he couldn’t figure out how she managed to escape within that short time.

Sofia encourages herself that even if Oscar searched everywhere and yet he couldn’t find her daughter, she will not give up on hoping to see her one day because she knows that her baby is still alive somewhere. On the other hand, Oscar makes Franco to understand that despite the fact that he couldn’t find John anywhere, there is this special feeling within him that their brother is not dead but alive but Franco seems to lose hope.

One old man says to John that he has realized he’s a kind creature whom he thinks is a God sent because if it hadn’t been for his arrival, Nora would have been killed long ago and John tells the man that he isn’t God sent because he’s a normal human being like them and even as he speaks, he doesn’t know his identity so he should stop speculating. The old man then mentions to him that if he says he (John) is God sent, it doesn’t mean he’s not human but it’s just a “wise saying” to describe how kind-hearted he is and he’s going to reap good seeds from it one day and he walks away, leaving John wondering.

Oscar gives kudos to Franco for being so responsible and making sure everything is in place on both the land and at home during their absence. He then asks of Jemima and Franco briefs him that she is in a very strangecondition, acting so dump like a living dead that Gabriela even wanted to send her to the asylum and Oscar gets startled. Franco also informs him about the full authorization Gabriela has over the water that flows on their land, which is stated and signed on a paper by their late father and the affair she once had with him some years back and Oscar gets so annoyed in hearing that story.

The gentleman Sofia saw during the night went to speak to Oscar and Franco about hiring their land for his personal use and he introduces himself to them as Damian or Opako. Franco and Oscar also make anintroduction to him respectively and they state to him that they’ll think about his request and give him the feedback soon.

Mr. Augustine receives some good news from his lawyer that hence forth, Fernando has no right on his financial accounts again and excitedly, Augustine says to the lawyer that Fernando is now mistaken if his purpose for marrying Gabriela was for her money. On the other hand, Fernando says within him as he lies beside his newly wedded wife Gabriela that he is now growing fond of her but her money is of high interest to him than anything.

Sofia rushes to inform Jemima about Oscar’s arrival to see if she would at least give a positive response but Jemima still looks the same as she goes to give her the news and she gets sad, saying to herself that the three of them as really come to suffer in this life but that wouldn’t pull them down because they will continue to fight till they conquer even with the last drop of their blood.

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