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Ashoka Samrat Episode 193 Update on Friday 15th March 2019

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Bindusar asks Dharma if she is upset with him. She retorts that she is a Rani and wants to be treated like one. I cannot be at your beck and call every now and then. She walks out of the room. Charumita tells Bindusar that Dharma is not well. She is behaving differently since past few days. She even hit Raj Vaid once too. Bindusar gets thinking.
Dharma is getting her hands massaged. She scolds the daasi’s to bring in her favourite dishes. I will throw you out of the palace if you don’t oblige. Charumita and Bindusar observe it from far. Charumita adds that even Ashoka is disobeying his brother’s orders. He has created problems for Sushim in every step. Bindusar asks for Ashoka. I want to talk to him.
Ashoka heads excitedly towards the palace. Things will get fine as father is back now. He diverts the attention of the soldiers standing guard outside the palace. He gets inside.
Charumita says now Samrat will be thinking only of Dharma. It will help us find a solution to our problem. Mahamadhya suggests Sushim accepting his mistake before Samrat. He has to do so before citizens as well, in case it is needed. This angers Charumita. My son will apologize to the citizens? Sushim breaks stuff in his room angrily. I cannot bow down before those who couldn’t even look me in the eye! He walks out even when Charumita tries to talk to him.
Sushim is in the corridor. He wants to find out Agradoot so he can prove his stance to father. I have to find him or I will be in a tight spot. Ashoka climbs up the wall with great difficulty. Sushim wishes to get one clue as to who is Agradoot. I will end his existence. He hears some sound. Ashoka hides as he senses someone approaching towards the window. Sushim looks out frmo the window. Ashoka is hiding right behind it. Sushim closes it from inside. Ashoka notices another window which is open. He experiences pain because of his wound. He falls on the floor with a thud. He gets inside his room. Sushim notices the blood drops on the floor. He cannot see anyone outside the window though. Maybe someone came inside. He follows the blood trail. Ashoka closes the door of his room but not fully. He heads straight towards the bathing area. Sushim reaches Ashoka’s room as well. He gets inside as the doors are a little open. He peeks inside. He is shocked to realise that Ashoka is actually Agradoot. Sushim thinks of his last encounter with Agradoot. He gets really angry at first but then smirks. Agradoot was a trouble for me but now he will rectify all my problems now that I know his truth.
Sushim comes to his father’s room. I want to tell you about Agradoot. Samrat is actually proud of Agradoot. He did what my son should have done. Do you want to tell me he did justice; helped the poor and needy? I want to personally meet him to thank him. you have disappointed me! I made a mistake in giving you the rights of a king. You became so blinded by ego that you forgot all about our values. Your position was temporary. The Samrat of Magadh is still alive. Ashoka overhears their convo. Father thinks I dint do anything wrong. Samrat calls out for him sweetly. He dismisses Sushim. I want to talk to Ashoka. Sushim leaves from there upset.
Ashoka touches his father’s feet. I want to tell you about Agradoot. Samrat is more concerned about Dharma at the moment. She has changed a lot and these changes have left me shocked. I am very worried for her. Ashoka had been missing him too. He tells her about what all had happened in his absence. Please save my mother. I am so scared for her. Samrat assures that everything will be fine as he is here now. I will take special care of Dharma. Rajmata Helena comes to meet Bindusar. Ashoka takes their leave. Helena can see worry on Bindusar’s face. You always used to come to meet me first. Bindusar got occupied with a political problem. Helena understands it. how come you are back so soon? Bindusar replies that he was unwell. Helena is curious to know about Ulka. She asks about Chanakya. Bindusar shares that Chanakya has gone to Ujjaini to finish his unfinished business there. He finds Helena worried. Helena is worried for Noor. Bindusar is not worried about her. She had the best soldiers with her and is herself also capable to tackle any problem. Helena nods. Bindusar doesn’t know who sent Ulkta then!
Next morning, Bindusar sits in on his throne in the courtroom. Ashoka is happy as no one will misuse the authority anymore. I will finally tell father everything without any hesitation. I will tell him that I am Agradoot. The dead bodies of the soldiers guarding the treasury are brought in. The soldiers update Samrat Bindusar on the matter. They were killed by Agradoot while they were doing their duty. He even stole money from the treasury. Ashoka and everyone is shocked. Sushim stands all calm.
Precap: Bindusar asks Ashoka if he knows Agradoot. Ashoka agrees. Bindusar says whoever killed the soldiers is a traitor, even if it is Agradoot. That person deserves punishment.

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