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Kawach Episode 33 Update on Thursday 7th March 2019


Rajbeer goes to Ritu’s room. Ritu says she decorated bed for them, but what is the use now. Rajbeer says he has broke up with Pari. They romance starts. Tumhe apna banane ki kasam…..song…plays in the background. Pari cries in her room. Tipsy’s doll transfers some powers and Pari dreams about Rajbeer and Ritu’s romance. She gets out of house and travels in car searching Rajbeer’s place. Her car stops and she sees Rajbeer’s car in a house. 
She walks in and opens room door and ses Rajbeer intimate with Ritu. She scolds Ritu what kind of cheap girl she is, she could not get Rajbeer, so she is luring him with fake tears. Ritu leaves acting. Pari tells Rajbeer that Ritu is not a good girl. He strangulates her neck and lifts her in air and says her drama is enough and her kawach cannot save her today. 
He throws her down. She gets up , throws blanket on him, runs and hides in another room. Rajbeer breaks door with his kick and walks towards Pari. Pari throws things on him. He says he will kill her slowly. She prays bajrangbali to protect her. He holds her hand and drags and says she can call whoever she wants to. Hanumanji’s powers come to her rescue. A bright light travels via window and falls on Rajbeer and he gets weak. Pari walks near him a nd he tries to strangulate her. She pushes him and opens window. He falls down. Pari runs out.
Pari brings Rajbeer home unconscious. Whole family surround him. Doc checks him and says he is very stressed. Ratan bala yells that Rajbeer will be obviously stressed as he was about to marry, but Pari ruined everything. Daadi asks her to shut up. Aunt says Ratan bala is right. Tipsy comes there and looks at Rajbeer and he wakes up.
Pari goes and stands near window and reminisces Rajbeer’s changed behavior. Daadi comes and asks why she is quite when whole family is badmouthing against her. Pari says if she tells what happened yesterday night, will family believe her. Daadi asks what happened. Pari says an evil spirit is possessing Rajbeer, he lifted her in air easily, and it happens usually when they are posessed by evil spirit. Rajbeer never will try to kill her. Daadi reminisces Tipsy trying to kill her and says even she wants to tell her something. Tipsy comes and tells Pari that Rajbeer is conscious now, signals Daaadi to keep quiet. Daadi tells Pari nothing important and says let us go to Rajbeer. Tipsy smirks looking at her doll.
Rajbeer wakes up. Doc asks him to rest. Rajbeer says he is fine. Ratan Bala asks wha thappened between him and Pari yesterday. Kabeer says he got well just now and let him rest. Shreya runs and hugs Rajbeer. Kabeer says Shreya is worried about him since yesterday. Rajbeer says Shreya is worried about everyone since childhood. Kabeer says after Pari did not let Ritu marry him, Ritu feels humiliated. Ratan bala says they should let Shreya go to her home as she will be tension-free there. Kabeer says he has found a house and will shift there with Shreya. Rajbeer insists that he should stay here and will get respect of other family members.
Pari comes and tries to speak. Rajbeer yells it is all because of her. Ritu comes and acts as worried for Rajbeer. She asks if he is fine, she heard he went unconscious from her home. He had called her yesterday and insited to meet and when she told nothing can happen now, he said he has left Pari. Pari came there and created a scene and took Rajbeer. Rajbeer yells he went to Ritu with his wish. Pari asks if he knows where he went. Ritu says she will tell. Pari asks him to shut up and tells Rajbeer that he was not in his senses at all as he was possessed by evil spirit and tried to kill her. He asks her to stop her drama and asks to prove that he is possessed by evil spirit, esle get out of his house.
Heera comes and throws holy ash on Tipsy and she falls unconscious. Rajbeer shouts if she ha gone mad, he is possessed by evil spirit, then why did she throw ash on Tipsy. Pari says Saudamini is entering this house via Tipsy and tells her how Tipsy frightened Daadi. Rajbeer shouts that she has gone mad, Saudamini is dead when she went with her boyfriend. He rushes to hospital yelling at Pari Other family members also run behind him. Daadi consoles Pari not to lose hope, she will speak to Rajbeer. Tipsy’s doll get up and laughs Saudamini comes out of doll. Heera throws holy water on Sauudamini and and Saudamini escapes from there. Heera says Saduamini left and was hiding under doll, he will come back tomorow and everything wil be alright.
Tipsy is taken to hospital and whole family waits out of ICU. Daadi says Rajbeer that Pari is not wrong as she saw everything from her eyes. Rajbeer says how can she believe her eyes, it is all Pari’s trick, she did not spare even Tipsy. Uncle yells Daadi always takes Pari’s side. Whole family starts next. Daadi the calls Pari and says everything will be fine, she has explained Rajbeer and he will not hurt her again.
Rajbeer comes to Pari and hugging her says she was right, he misunderstood her. He gives an evil smirk and says they both will eradicate evil spirits from this house and protect their family.
Precap: Rajbeer forcefully gets intimate with Pari. Saudamini kills pandit who helps Pari and yells whoever becomes Pari’s kawach will die. She yells at Pari that she will torture her so much that she will neither die nor be alive. Rajbeer smirks from behind. Pari snatches Tipsy’s doll and asks Rajbeer not to give this doll to Tipsy. Rajbeer argues.

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