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Till The End of Time Episode 143 Update on Thursday 7th March 2019

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Maya opens door and asks how is there. Saanjh hides. Maya searches thoroughly and walks in. Vadana gets tensed. Maya takes Vandana in and nurses her wound, repeating touching her wound and reminds that 3 years ago even her hand was jammed in a door. Vandana reminisces incident and says she did not do it. Maya laughs and says she herself did it and reminiscing closing door herself and injuring her hand to gain Arjun’s sympathy. 
Saanjh gets out of her hideout, watches via window Vandana being nursed by Maya, and walks down. Maya continues her psycho chat and says she will go and rest now as her son/Arjun does not let her sleep whole night. Vandana silently hears nervously. Maya says she is naughty and leaves warning not to do any mistake again, else she will break one more bone.
goes to balcony and calls Saanjh via landline, asks her to go from there. Saanjh asks how did she get injured. Vandana says she is fine. Saanjh says her safety is most important and she went to Maya’s house to get proof against Maya, not to risk her life. Maya enters balcony and asks Vandana whom she is talking to. Vadana panicsseeing her and says blank call. 
Maya snatches phone and asks how did she pick a call without a ring. Vandana continues shivering in fear. Maya asks who is it, if she/she does not want to speak, why did she/he call. Phone rings again, Samay speaks and asks why she is not picking his call seeing his name, she cannot see his name on landline, so he called. She shouts not to waste her time. He says he wasted his life already and wants to meet her. She shouts to dare not call her and disconnects call. She yells at Vandana that expected calls did not come and unexpected calls irritate her. She goes to washroom and flushes landline into commode and says Vandana that she flushes whoever troubles her. Her pscho chat continues, frightening Vadana.
Maya then gets a flower bouquet with a note to meet him in a hotel and thinks Arjun sent it. She tells Vandana that Arjun still loves her so much. Vandana thinks after so much torture, how can Arjun love Maya. Maya gets ready with beautiful dress and makeup, etc.. Sanjna hai mujhe sajna ke liye…song plays in the background. She leaves home.
Maya reaches restaurant and waits for Arjun reminiscing their intimate scenes. She sees someone extending rose and gets happy thinking it is Arjun, but fumes seeing Samay. She yells why did he come. He asks if she did not like seeing him here. She says Samay wants to meet Maya, then let us and walks. Samay gets happy.
Saanjh walks into Arjun’s cabin angrily. Arjun keeps file on CCTV camera and shouts why did she come here. Saanjh says why did he take Vandana to his home, Maya broke her hand.
Precap: Arjun seeing Vandana’s broken hand reminisces Saanjh’s words that Maya broke the hands which fed him. He cries holding Vandana’s hand and says Maya’s condition is beyond cure and it is time to confront her. Maya hears him standing near vase.

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