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Who Killed Libia Episode 121 Update on Sunday 3rd March 2019

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Sofia enters her room and shockingly finds a bread with her initial just like the one John normally bakes for her being placed on her bed and with so much joy thinking it could be a surprise from him, she takes a bite and starts to reminisce on all the special moment they spent together and starts to feel at ease to know that John is finally back. 

Pablo suddenly comes out from his hiding place and getting Sofia shocked, he tells her he was the one who placed the bread on her bed and his intentions for doing that was because he didn’t want her to ever erase John from her hurt and that he’ll surely return and annoyingly, she yells on top her voice that John must bring back her little girl because that’s all she looks up to. Pablo then disappointedly tells her he can’t believe she’s still accusing John for what he never did and it tells him she no longer loves him but Sofia draws him closer and clarifies to himthat he’s still young and may not understand her pain but in due time, he will. 

Nora suddenly feels ill whiles John ad Sylvester were away to do some vaccinations and his father doctor Duah arrives in the village and attends to her after hearing the news. He later pleads for refusing her all these while and asks her to rest but she tells him she needs to attend to the people in the village and he decides to assist her.

It amazes Sofia to find Jemima out of her sick bed looking fit and talking with Sarah and Eva and she asks how it all happened and she explains that she had recovered long ago but pretended and made it look as if she’s still not well and they get stunned. She then apologises for her actions and Sarah tells them not to spoil the fun because they’ve accepted Eva back and Sofia really gets enthused and states that nothing is ever going to separate them again.

Gabriela goes to show her gratitude to Damian for coming to her rescue and they sit to have some drinks.Gabriela mentions to him that he’s a very noble and kind man and his presence has really benefited her because if it hadn’t been for him, she would have been dead by now and he also expresses how glad he is to have met them especially Sofia. Gabriela looking quite surprise, she asks if he has interest in her daughter and he replies that he’s so much interested in her that, he would have loved to ask for her hand in marriage and Gabby gets wowed.

Nora informs his father that she’s deeply in love with one gentleman who arrived in the village some time ago but the sad aspect is that he’s missing and can’t remember anything about his past nor where he even comes from and doctor Duah advises her to take time and access the gentleman very well and even if he will approve of it, he’ll have to meet him first. Nora then pleads with him to give her his support this time around because she’smadly in love and he tells her to be patient and take notice if this gentleman she’s referring to also loves her.

Sofia speaks with Mother Superior and she explains to her that she’s has search every orphanage to see if she could find her daughter but she didn’t and Mother tells her they also have an orphanage in the home with some few kids and what people donate is what they use in catering for them because it’s not all the orphanages that are being recognised by the government and Sofia tells her it never crossed her mind to even come to their orphanage to check for her daughter. 

Mother then continues to tell her that they even received a baby boy and three lovely little girls in that same era her daughter got lost and they were being brought to them by doctor Gomez but she doubts if her daughter could be part and she asks if she would love to meet the children and gladly, she accepts and joins her to the orphanage.

After meeting the children, Sofia sadly tells Mother Superior that she can’t even make her daughter out even if she’s part because she never saw her after delivering and doctor Gomez suddenly arrives and seeing Sofia makes him to panic. He then asks Mother why Sofia is there and she answers that she only came to visit the kids and Sofia asks him where he brought them from and he smartly finds a suitable answer to give her.

Doctor Gomez later calls Fernando to caution him since Sofia has been able to locate where she sent the children and has also gotten the chance to meet each one of them and he warns Fernando to think of what to do withGabriela because if anything happens, he shouldn’t be held responsible.

The M.P in the village seriously falls sick and he runs to the fetish priest but he refuses to help him out and as soon as he arrives at Nora’s place for medication, he passes on and the priest pleads with Nora to forgive and vaccinate him so he doesn’t end up dead like the M.P.

Gabriela visits the children in the orphanage and Mother Superior keeps congratulating and thanking her for always being of help to the kids ever since they were brought to the orphanage by doctor Gomez and Gabbyexpresses that she finds it as a blessing to be of help to the children because it really hurts to see that they have no family and as a good Christian, she’ll never seize to help them in anything they may need. She then mentions to Mother never to let anyone know that she has been coming to the orphanage regularly or has been donating to them and she promises never to inform anyone about it.

John returns to the village after going round to do the vaccination and doctor Duah gets to see him and John questions who he is and he replies that he’s doctor Duah, Nora’s father and he welcomes him and says that he’s sorry for not introducing himself because he doesn’t have any idea of who he is and doctor looking at him in wonder, he states that he knows who he is and his real name is John Osei and John stares at him looking confused.

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