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Who Killed Libia Episode 124 Update on Sunday 10th March 2019

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Damian sits to discuss with a friend that he meeting John and speaking to him has made him realize that he’s a very good person and doesn’t look harmful or capable of taking away his own daughter like he’s being accused of because he could feel some pain in his heart for losing a daughter just like he did when he lost his family so to him, he thinks Sofia should drop the charges against him and accept him back.

Mr. Augustine asks Sofia if she doesn’t think there’s more to it if John of all people says he doesn’t recall anything and Jemima comes in to confront John as to why he finds happiness in making their sister suffer and Sarah also joins to throw him out with his hypocrisy

Oscar and Franco later arrives and they shut the both of them up and tells them not to meddle because Sofia and John needs to settle things on their own but Sofia asks the three of them to leave because she’s not ready to take any explanations from John and whiles they step out, Gabriela meets John and gives him a dirty slap for having the guts to come into her compound after all that he did.

John gathers all the men in the town and pleads with them to assist him search for his missing daughter and with their willingness to support, they join him with full force including Damian and as they make ready to start the search, the police and his officers swiftly arrives and arrests John.

Father Teddy speaks to Sofia to think twice about all the things John is trying to elaborate to her concerning his innocence to the accusation she’s putting on him and Sofia tearfully asks who else could be capable in hurting her like this and right after asking that, Father cast his mind back to the confession Fernando made to him about raping Sofia and he becomes mute. Looking at his sudden quietness, Sofia asks why but he refuses to talk and she sadly tells him that his sudden change of mood even proves that John is indeed guilty and she walks out of the chapel.

Damian goes to see Sofia to tell her that he can see John isn’t guilty as she thinks because when he got the chance to speak to him, he could fee the sadness in his heart and it was the same thing he felt when he lost his wife and children so she must try hard to understand and drop the charges against him. Sofia gets so annoyed with him trying to defend John and orders him out of her sight and never to show up again, stating that he has no reason to tell her John isn’t responsible for her daughter’s disappearance.

Gabriela pressures Fernando to do something quick about John and if it’s possible, he should go and eliminate him because he came to assure her that he has gotten rid of him totally so she doesn’t understand why he’s back now and if care isn’t taken, the truth may pop up and they’ll be in trouble. Fernando then makes her to understand that he can’t go to the cells and do anything that can expose him later on so she should stop nagging and let him have his peace of mind but Gabriela yells and mentions that once the baby is alive and John is also back, it can create a lot of problems because Sofia now goes to the orphanage to see the children and if things get worse, not only is the law going to deal with him but the Osei Family will also see to it that he pays for murdering their sister Libia.

Dami├ín goes to interact withy John about helping him come out of his situation because he knows deep within that he’s innocent and having gone through the same situation makes him to understand how it feels to be in his shoes. John asks who he is and after making an introduction, he makes him aware that he can’t accept any helpfrom him because he’s trying hard not to trust anyone since he himself doesn’t recollect anything so he should put that aside.

Oscar receives letter stating that their debt has been cleared and therefore their house is no more on a collateral and Tina suggests it could be Mr. Augustin so she goes to find out from him if he was the one who went to clear the debt for the brothers and he tells her he has no idea about what she’s saying and she begins to wonder who could have cleared the debt if not Mr. Augustin.

Oscar and Franco visits John at the cells and he informs them about Damian’s visit and wiliness to help him and he asks if they know him to be someone he can trust and they tell him he’s a very kind person and so he might be serious in wanting to help him but the only problem is he’s also interested in Sofia and John goes mad to know that Damian is interested in his woman.

Armando and Fernando discuss about John’s return and Armando starts to panic that he might soon remember what they did to him and that might end them up in jail but Fernando shuts him up to stop behaving like a coward and not annoy him because he’s not going to give up until he sees John rot in jail. Meanwhile, Rosa quietly listens to their conversation back door but she mistakenly hits something which draws Fernando’s attention and quickly, he steps out to garb her inside to question why she was eavesdropping on their conversation and she denies in hearing anything and Armando pleads on her behalf to be set free. Fernando gets quite confused to see thatArmando pleaded on Rosa’s behalf and he warns him to be very careful not to protect that girl. 

Rosa gets to her dressing room and after recollecting all that she heard from Fernando, she plans to alert Sofia about it.

Sofia enters the cells to see John and she broken heartedly begs him to have mercy and release her daughter to her and John looks so down and disturbed that he didn’t even know what to say to her again.

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